The world famous golden VHM head with exchangeable combustion chamber is specially developed for optimal power output during the whole race and has an improved water duct. It's manufactured from a high quality alloy and O-rings are used for the sealing. (2x Heads, 2x Inserts + O-Rings)

Use VHM standard insert:
AE32051-018 (1993 - 2000, Dome piston)
AE32051-F (2001 - 2010, Dome piston)
AE32051-061 (2001 - 2010, Flat top VHM piston APHO12521750)
* Select the insert you want via side bar, or comment / email us after purchase if your insert not in list / you require custom squish/volume. 
(included in price)

  • More engine power
  • Better heat transference
  • More resistance to detonation
  • Exchangeable combustion chambers available

Honda RS250 NX5 1993 - 2000 / NXA 2001 - 2010 VHM Cylinder Head set (2 pieces)

SKU: AA33036